I suppose my dad's National Geo subscription played an integral role in my early fascination with photography. I can remember just getting lost in issue after issue. I must have been around 8 or 9 years old. Didn't read the stories much, just gazed in awe at the stunning imagery.

Seeing my interest in photography flourish, my dad returned from one of his business trips to Japan with a black body Nikon FM 2 with my name on it. I was over the moon! Ultimately I would go on to study photography at Brooks in Santa Barbara.

I moved to Los Angeles after graduating and assisted a variety of shooters before finally breaking out on my own in 2004.

For me, photography has always been something bigger than the "picture". It's about all the inspirational moments big and small. The challenge to tell a compelling story without words. The relationships it spawns and the unique experience of being part of a tight band of like minded people bonding together to live and celebrate the joy and privilege of such an incredibly fortunate lifestyle.

I'm also extremely fortunate and thankful to be blessed with 2 amazing kids. Love you Leyton and Shelby! When I'm not gigging, my pursuits usually find me outdoors recreating in a multitude of ways, traveling to distant lands, creating music with my guitars or whipping up various storms in the kitchen with family and friends.

Life is good.